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Pasture Raised Cockerel

Slow Grown 20 Week Old Pasture Raised Cockerel (Young Rooster). 2.1KG Cockerel – Includes Head and feet on plus offal; hearts, livers and giblets.

+ Eating Description
Deliciously large legs full of flavour, beautifully textured breast meat and the bones make the best broth.

+ Cooking Method Requirements
Our slow grown Cockerels love a slow cooking technique to reach their optimum eating experience potential including dry-ageing, brining, sous vide or braise (before lightly roasting or pan frying). We highly recommend viewing the recipes provided by 3 iconic chefs on our website.

Perfect for anyone looking for really good produce – restaurants,  the home chef and foodies.

For all enquiries call 0438 092 213 or email orders@chooksattherooke.com

We are certified “Pastured” also known as “Pasture Raised” by PROOF.
This means our Chooks are treated to a higher standard than what is the “Free Range” code of conduct.