Our Cockerels

We are proud to raise the male chicks that are our female layers brothers. What does this all mean?

We produce eggs meaning we produce female egg layers, those females have brothers, we raise them, giving them a purposeful, meaningful, Pasture Raised life also free to express their natural behaviours.

Day old male chicks in the Egg Industry are seen as a waste bi-product that are to slow growing to be worth keeping.

We believe it is our responsibility to give them a purposeful meaningful life. We raise them to 24 weeks of age on the same farm as their sisters who lay our eggs.


Our Cockerels have recently won the 2021 Harvey Norman Delicious Food Awards Gold Trophy for Australia’s Best Paddock Produce, judged by some of Australia’s most prestigious chefs.


If you are a chef or restaurant owner interested in a Free Sample Cockerel please contact us.


Our Cockerels come in boxes of 6 as whole birds with their head and feet on. Included in the box are the hearts, kidneys and giblets: $19-23.5/kg and deliver to VIC, SA, NSW and QLD.


We have joined forces with a startup Company named Two Hands to deliver easy traceability on your cockerels. The box will have a QR code that chefs and restaurants can scan that will deliver a detailed description of the Cockerels background, the farm and area they lived on, the grower (Xav), weights, time processed and location processed.


“Rich silky texture and almost gamey flavour.”
Harvey Norman Delicious Food Awards Judges

“Incredible product, extremely well presented birds. Added bonus of the Hearts, Kidneys and Giblets in the box separately. The fat is a rich, deep olive colour that made the most beautiful soup”.

Gomi Boys Ramen, Brunswick

“Very impressive.

The birds were great. The livers were particularly amazing, they taste like foie gras!”

Moonah, Connewarre

“A common ingredient in Europe but rarely seen here in Australia. Deliciously large legs full of flavour, beautifully textured breast meat and the bones make the best broth I’ve ever tasted. Ethical, sustainable farming at its best”.

Matt Stone, MasterChef, Harvest Newry Bar, NSW

“Honesty the best I’ve worked with – flavour and texture were wonderful. I was particularly impressed with the bone density and structure allowing us to cook on the fire and use all the different cuts in the restaurant perfectly.
The guest feedback was nothing short of glowing for the flavour and texture.”

IGNI, Geelong