Our Chooks


We have strong personal beliefs about how an egg is produced. Our zero waste, quality of life approach means we re-home all of our older Chooks into public backyards to continue living their lives happily for years to come.

We are also proud to raise the male chicks that are our female layers brothers. What does this all mean?

We produce eggs meaning we produce female egg layers, those females have brothers, we raise them, giving them a purposeful, meaningful, Pasture Raised life also free to express their natural behaviours.

What you need to know about our backyard Chooks:

They are 18 Month Hyline Brown (similar to Isa), fully feathered and fully Free Range layers. Our Chooks are $5 each and available 3 times per year. The next availability is Mid June 2021. Once you’ve ordered your Chooks via the link below, our mobile 0438092213 or Facebook and Instagram message, you will receive further pickup instructions. Please indicate your full name, Chook numbers and best contact details when ordering.