Free Range Pastured EGGS

Free Range Pastured Eggs from pastured chickens at Chooks at the Rooke in Cororooke, Victoria.


of Pastured Free Range Eggs

Chooks At The Rooke is a Pastured Free Range Egg Farm located in Cororooke, SW Victoria, part of the Colac Otway Shire. Owned by Xav Prime and Kimberley Burridge, along with a small team, we produce Premium Pastured Eggs centred around Animal Welfare, Sustainable Farming Practises and Strong Personal Ethical Beliefs.

We are certified “Pastured” also known as “Pasture Raised” by PROOF.
This means our Chooks are treated to a higher standard than what is the “Free Range” code of conduct.

The higher standard includes a lower stocking rate, (ours is 94 hens per hectare), more space to perch at night, more shelter from the elements, more room to lay eggs, more access to water and feed. These are just some of the standards during an audit. Look for the PROOF symbol on our carton!