We are thrilled to announce we have been awarded Winners of the “From The Paddock” section in the State @deliciousaus @harveynormanau Produce Awards!


We are primarily egg farmers but passionate about minimising waste and providing all animals in our industry a quality, meaningful and purposeful Pasture Raised life. This includes the direct male brothers of our egg layers. We raise the brothers of our egg layers to 24 weeks of age. They take 3 times as long as a conventional meat bird to reach 2kg in weight but what they may lack in fast growth rate, they make up for in quality, texture and flavour.


Thank you to leading sustainability chefs @jobarrett and @chefmattstone for your kind nomination. Thank you to the chefs and restaurants that make this possible. @yieldbirregurra @copperpotseddon @restaurantigni @forage_onthe_foreshore